Jain, A., and Gurtoo, A. E-Waste and Sustainability – Impact Assessment Indicators Presented at the International Conference on Transformational Strategies for Business Sustainability- 2019, Bangalore – India on 4-5 October 2019.

Eppinger, E., V. Prifti. Schutzrechte geistigen Eigentums jenseits der organisationalen Grenzen. Welche Lizenzmodelle fördern die Verbreitung nachhaltiger Innovationen? Beiträge und Positionen der HTW Berlin 2019.

Eppinger, E., N. Bocken, C. Dreher, A. Gurtoo, R. H. Chea, S. Karpakal, V. Prifti, F. Tietze, and P. Vimalnath. The Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Sustainable Business Models: Mapping IP Strategies in Circular Economy Business Models. Presented at the 4th International Conference on New Business Models, Berlin on 1-3 July 2019.

Vimalnath, P., F. Tietze, E. Eppinger and J. Sternkopf. Open, semi open or closed? Towards an intellectual property strategy framework. Presented at the 19th European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference, Lisbon (Portugal), 26-28 June 2019.


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