Teaching Kit

The teaching kit was developed as a part of the IPACST project and includes learnings from the case studies developed. The kit is made freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution by license, to academics, teachers, and everyone interested to learn about IP for sustainability transitions.

The teaching kit consists of three sets of materials. First, the teaching kit offers lecture contents introducing the topics, ‘Intellectual Property’, ‘Sustainable Business Models’ and ‘Sustainability Impact and Sustainability Transition’. Second, the teaching kit provides a set of four selected case studies that have been developed as a part of the IPACST project. For the Nutriset case, the teaching kit includes the full case study and the teaching (instructor) notes. Third, the teaching kit provides a reading list that contains reading recommendations on academic literature and other media materials on the topics ‘Sustainability Transition’, ‘IP and sustainability’ and ‘General IP literature’.

1) Teaching Slides

2) Case studies

3) Reading list

Download all files as zip