New Date: 27 April! 27 April 2022, 1pm-2.30pm (CET) Workshop: IPR for Sustainability How to develop IPR for Sustainability Policies and Principles in Research Funding?

Open access (OA) policies and principles in research funding have been intensively discussed and implemented in recent years. Many international funding bodies adopted OA principles to increase the unrestricted access of scholarly outputs and research data of their sponsored research. But what do we know about the sustainability impact of different forms of using and sharing intellectual property rights? Many research projects also generate patents, trade secrets, and copyright. How can research institutes and businesses use and share patents, trademarks, copyrights or design rights in a better way to support transitions to sustainability? Which kind of guidance can research funding organisations provide to support the development and diffusion of sustainable products and technologies?
Based on the insights of the interdisciplinary research project IPACST, we invite you to a targeted 90-minute workshop. We want to discuss how research funding organisations can support innovation actors to improve the awareness and use of IP portfolios to fulfil sustainability goals. Together with you, we want to discuss which general principles can research funding organisations adopt in supporting IPR for sustainability. How can we develop and implement IPR principles for sustainability in research funding?
Workshop date: 27 April 2022, 1pm-2.30pm (CET) via Webex

This event is open to all interested actors in international research funding organisations. Please register via e-mail: You will receive a confirmation with the necessary information to the Webex meeting room. Be prepared for interactive discussions in breakout groups and turn your camera on if your internet connection allows it.
Are you interested in attending the event but having a conflicting schedule or difficulties due to different time zones? Please let us know via e-mail ( to plan a second workshop date.