IPACST & Solar Impulse Foundation Workshop

On 12 November 2020, IPACST joined the Solar Impulse Foundation in a workshop on IP strategy with sustainable companies with an Efficient Solution Label. After a brief presentation of the IPACST project by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Eppinger, the IPACST team facilitated vivid discussions on companies’ concerns about defining the right IP strategy. Some recurring questions had to do with the choice between patents and trade secrets, IP costs, fear of infringement, the need for more uniform international standards, and adopting the right tools for sharing innovation. More explanations on IP strategy followed by a Q&A session with Mr. Louis Carbonneau of Tangible IP further enriched the workshop.

We hope that the workshop contributed to a better IP awarenness for a successful commercialization of sustainable innovations. The IPACST team thanks Tanja Tanskanen and Pierre Maury at the Solar Impulse Foundation, the participating companies, and in particular, Lars Strupeit from the IPACST team for making this collaboration happen.