What Research and Startups have in common?

Image courtesy of Svenja Prigge, Young Entrepreneurs in Science/Falling Walls Foundation

The above image published as a an Entrepreneurship Tip by Young Entrepreuners in Science, a program of the Falling Wall Foundations captures not only a commonality between the research process and a startup process, but above all, it encapsulates the essence of inquisitive minds.

As a society, we ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’. It is the ideas of those preceding our society that allow us to invent and innovate. Without innovation, we would not be able to enjoy the advantages of our everyday life. It is the high level of industrial development that encourages us to ask for a better and sustainable world. But sustainability could not be achieved without improving humans, the main source of ideas and innovation. Only inquisitive minds that embrace ethics, human values, and high integrity as guided by the UN Declaration of Human Rights can change our world for the better.

The IPACST project, indeed, is inspired by these values in trying to yield research results with companies that embrace sustainability principles.

Many thanks to Hanna Lange, Svenja Prigge, and Miett Xylander for proposing an interview with Viola, our team member in Berlin. The interview will be published on the platform of Young Entrepreneurs in Science/Falling Walls Foundation.